The Vitucci Mafiosos

Defying Her Mafioso

(Book 1)

His Mafioso Princess

(Book 2)

Marrying Her Mafioso

(Book 3)

Her Mafioso King

 (Book 4)

Defying Her Mafioso (Book 1)


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Ciro Donati was many things:
My father’s most valued and trusted soldier.
My brother’s best friend and second in command.
And the only man I would give up everything for.

I fell hard for the Mafioso at the tender age of eleven. This beast of a man who I knew made people disappear—and probably enjoyed every second of it—was also the sixteen-year-old boy who had picked me up after I’d fallen flat on my face during my dance recital and told me I was the best ballerina he’d ever seen. He’s watched over me, protected me like I was the most precious thing in the world to him.

And then he sent me away.

Scarlett Vitucci was many things:
The daughter of the biggest Cosa Nostra boss from New York to Chicago.
The sister of the man I would gladly take a bullet for.
And the only woman I would ever love.

Sending her away was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I didn’t deserve her or her love. For three years I stayed away, ignoring the gnawing ache that her absence left in my chest. Now, she was back and fighting what I felt for her was impossible. Letting her go had been a huge mistake.

One I would never repeat.


His Mafioso Princess (Book 2)

Victoria Vitucci was the only light in my dark world.

She’s forbidden, but so am I.

I’m not free to be with her, but I want her more than anything.

My secrets will shatter her.

But I underestimated my little Mafioso Princess.

There is a reason she is the daughter of the most feared Cosa Nostra godfather.

Maybe I will be the one shattered in the end.


Marrying Her Mafioso (Book 3)


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He had promises to keep.

“Protect her.”

Those two words echoed through my head at least a hundred times a day.

I would keep the promises I made and protect Allegra from every possible danger that could come her way.

Even if the biggest danger was her own father.


Her Mafioso King (Book 4)


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Anya Volkov was everything I wanted and nothing I could have.

I was never supposed to love her.
My future has been set in stone since birth, down to who I am expected to marry.
With our inner circle now compromised from my bastard of an uncle, it looked like my future had arrived earlier than expected.

Cristiano Vitucci walked away from me without a backwards glance, deciding power was more important than me.

I accepted that and moved on.
Now he was back, ready to take over for his sick father, and no longer someone else’s husband.
He says he wants me back. He tells me he still loves me, that he never stopped.


But how could I trust him when there is so much more at stake this time?


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