Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact you?





Terri Anne Browning 

PO Box 1230

Wytheville, VA 24382

Do you have a reader group? 

Yes. Check it out here

You might also want to join the spoilers group as well. 

Is there more Angel's Halo MC coming? 

Yes! Now that the Angel's Halo MC series is over, we will be moving on to the Angels Halo MC Next Gen. This new series will also include some of the characters from the Mafioso series. 

What events will you be at? 

I will be at Indies Invade Philly in November 2019. 

In 2020 I will be doing Four Brits in Liverpool UK.  

Are your books in audio? 

Yes. You can get the audio editions on Amazon and Audible. 

Are your books translated into other languages? 

Yes. The Rocker Who Holds Me is also available in German and The Rocker Who Holds Me, The Rocker Who Savors Me, and The Rocker Who Needs Me are currently available in Portuguese. I'm also working on contracts for France and Italy

Is The Rocker... Series finished? 

Yes and no. The Rocker Series is technically finished. HOWEVER, you will still get to see your favorite rockers in the new series starting in 2019, Rockers' Legacy, featuring all the kids. 

Can I order signed print copies from you?

Yes. You can now order signed books directly from me.  *Note: Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.*


Will Mia, Luca and the other be getting their own books? 

YES! Starting in 2019 Rockers' Legacy will kick off with Holding Mia. I plan for all the kids to get their own book as of right now. 

Will Linc ever get his own book? 

Linc will be part of a novella collection I put out before Rockers' Legacy begins in 2019. With Linc's story you will also get Jenna's, Mieke's, and Kenzie's. Needing Forever Vol 1 & Vol 2 are now available. 


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