What's On My Kindle Right Now! 

These are my top favorite books that are on my kind right now! 

Paper Princess

Written by the duo that is Erin Watt, Paper Princess was recommended to me by several friends, but sat on my TBR list for weeks before I decided to open it up. Once I did the addiction became a real and physical entity that took over every aspect of my life until I had every word in this series devoured. There are four books currently out in this series, with a fifth novella length on WATT PAD--and yes, you will want that too! But if you can't take an emotional cliff hanger, hold off on reading Fallen Heir until Cracked Kingdom releases in just a few weeks! 

Ryan's Bed

The newest read by Tijan, who's words I adore and can never get enough of, is what is waiting for me to read at this very moment! 

Stupid Girl

Cindy Miles' Stupid Girl, is a gook that I go back to over and over again. Its the kind of college themed book that got me sucked into the genre in the first place. The alpha baseball player from Boston. The smart and innocent girl who falls for him only to have her heart ripped out... Ahh, the angst!  

Dirty Uncle

Who doesn't like a good taboo book? I AM ADDICTED TO THEM! Teacher, stepfather (if written right), stepbrother... they are all deliciously naughty for me personally. Dirty Uncle, written by Alexa Riley and Jessa Kane, will not disappoint you if you're in the mood for a little taboo. The perfect short read before bed. 

Bound by Destiny

Love triangle? Check. Hot bikers? Check. What more do you need? 

Love Ryan Michele's MC series. Fuck, I love her period. 

Waking Olivia

I don't normally read books when the main characters have the same name as one of my kids. That's just weird to me. But this one called to me. College/New Adult. Broken childhood. Taboo relationship with a sexy coach. The angst in this one made my heart ache, and I devoured it in one evening. 


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