Rockers’ Legacy 

Heartless Savage 

Book 6

He calls me his heart.Tells me the only reason he closes his eyes at night is so he can see me in his dreams.Our months apart are torture for both of us, but at least I get to hear his voice every day.Each summer, he’s all mine.Every minute he can spare, I’m right beside him, and our families just smile knowingly.Ryan has responsibilities, though. One day, my mafioso prince will be the king.And I will be his queen…Then my brother runs into trouble, and I’m taken as collateral.But the enemy doesn’t realize that my brother isn’t the one they should worry about.Because, without me, Ryan is heartless.And soon, they will all see what vengeance a Heartless Savage will wreak.

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Needing Arella


I have a stalker. Nothing new about that. I’m the latest it girl in Hollywood. Stalkers come with the territory. But this one is…different….

Sacred Vow


One vow made as kids.
But could it last forever? We belonged to each other. Now and always.
He slid that promise ring on my finger and made me his for the first time…

Her Shelter

Angels Halo Next Gen Book 6

Monroe I have a secret. One that will get the man I’ve been crushing on for years killed if my father ever finds out.

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Cruel Surrender

Angels Halo MC Next Gen book 8

Destroy the Vitucci family from the inside out. Break them as they had broken our great-grandmother.

That was the plan.

Then I set eyes on Ciana Donati.

The moment she appeared before me, everything changed.

Best Selling Author

Terri Anne Browning

Terri Anne Browning is a WallStreet Journal Best Seller and USA TODAY bestselling author.
Being dyslexic, she never thought a career in writing would be possible, yet she has been on bestselling lists multiple times since 2013….

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